Championing Our Words

My writing dream all began when an innocent teacher said the fateful words, “Wow! You’re a good writer!”

And a monster was born.

I’ve been writing since middle school, more seriously since high school, and first tried to get published over five years ago. (*I’m still not yet published.) Over that period of time, I’ve made a lot of  mistakes and learned many valuable lessons. But here I am still plugging away at my writing & publishing dream. Why do we writers torture ourselves this way?

We have words inside us that need to be heard.

I’ll continue writing even if I never reach the illustrious level of “published.” Even if no one ever reads my words (I know someone will, my sister is my biggest fan,) regardless, I have to write.

So… How Do We Champion Our Words? 

After long years down this rough road, I’ve learned a few thing that bring me closer to publication every passing day. And, guess what? I’m going to share those secrets!

Check out my guest post featuring the rest of this article on The Spinning Pen!

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